Installation of snappy on Linux

I need some valuable comments/ materials for configuring snap-python on linux.

I already installed the SNAP on the linux and tried to configure the snap-python using the recommended procedure on website.

However, we got some error messages related to GLIBC 2.14 and it is not compatible to SNAP.
Thus, IT guies working at my school succeed in installing the jpy manually while they still want to know the procedure to configure the snap-python.

They mentioned that
The problem I was having with the installation of snappy was that there is not much helpful
documentation regarding the installation of snappy, other than running a java install program
which does not accept many parameters. This java code at some point tries to install the
snappy python module, and somewhere in that process it tries to install the incompatible binary
_build of jpy. _

My problem is that the snappy installation is essentially a “black box”, and I do not see
how to get it to skip the attempt to install the incompatible binary build of jpy. This is
even when I direct the java installation code to use a Python build which already has the same
version of jpy built.

So basically, I have already tried what was suggested. I.e., I already have jpy installed on DT2,
but I cannot get the snappy-install java code to use it; it just insists on trying to install
the version packaged with it, which fails, and so snappy installation fails.

What I need is instructions on how to install snappy using a pre-existing installation of jpy.
If you can get such from your contact at ESA, that will help.

Can we get some help?

Thank you