Installing PolSARpro 5 new release

I keep getting an error after running the PolSARproCheckConfigWin64.exe file which is part of PolSARpro 5 installation files. The error says; Writing - Reading test failure. Please see attached. Its something to do with permissions in the user or temp directory. My PC has only one user who enjoy full adminstration rights.
Any input is highly appreciated.

I would suggest that you directly contact the PolSARpro guys.
It more likely that you will get a reasonable answer there. This forum is actually intended for the Sentinel Toolboxes.

Now,I have another question about the Sentinel toolbox and Polsarpro.As we konwn,sentinel toolbox1 also has the Polarimetric tools.So,what’s the differece between these two software?When I tested the same polarimetric method,such as,the method of Cloude,I got different results.

As we know radar is quite unique. Data formats, sensors types, processing and specific objectives in applying radar vary widely hence the differences in softwares. Really ur goals will help in selecting given software; but the two complement…

Yeah,I used the same data and process in order to compare the two toolboxes.And the result range of Polsarpro is (0,1),which is definetely difference to (-50,20) obtain from sentinel toolbox.

What data are you working with and what processing did you apply?
In PolSARPro calibration is automatically applied for Radarsat-2 (but not for ASAR). In SNAP, you need to apply calibration with the parameter to output complex data and then do your decomposition. If you apply your decomposition on a quad pol product without first converting to a T3,C3, etc, matrix then it will automatically convert to a T3.

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I have done the processing you mentioned above and the data I deal with is the quad pol Radarsat-2.
Do I need to do further processing after decomposition in Polsarpro? Thank you in adcance!

Hi everyone,

Any solution for solving installation problem? I faced the same error message at first step of installation!
Can anyone tell me what can I do?

Thanks in advance