Instructions for Bundled Binaries in Mac OS version of SNAP 6.0?

I am looking for some instructions on how to use Bundled Binaries to install sen2cor 2.5.5. in the Mac OS version of SNAP 6.0. This approach for installation was suggested by obarrilero a couple of week ago but I have been unable to successfully complete the installation and get sen2cor to run without an error.

“Before executing the tool, please correct the errors below:
Path does not exist: ‘/bin/L2A_Process’
Variable SEN2COR_BIN is not set”

I have searched for some detailed installation instructions and found only Section 4 of the 2018-03-19 release notes. But they do not describe bundled binaries. The instruction videos I have found online are those for Windows or Linux. Is there somewhere where I can find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use Bundled Binaries?