Interferogram from ENVISAT ASAR

Can i make interferrogram using ENVISAT ASAR satellite using this software? if Yes, please guide me.

Yes, you can create interferograms from ENVISAT ASAR, ERS1&2, Sentinel-1, TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X, ALOS1&2, Cosmo-Skymed and Radarsat-2.
Supported sensor modes are Stripmap and TOPSAR.
For ENVISAT make sure to apply precise orbits first.
For TanDEM-X, bistatic is supported.

There are some tutorial on that might be of help to you.
The one of “Radarsat-2 interferometry” deals with stripmap SLC products (similar to ERS/ENVISAT).

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Thank you sir for your reply.

The mode which I used is IMAGE MODE of ASAR sensor of ENVISAT satellite. Does software process the these mode of data and also I want to know which level of data it needed to make interferrogram?

Please help me in this regard.

Yes the software can process Single Look Complex and Detected SAR products for several sensors/missions. Please check details on the webpages ( If you are using ENVISAT ASAR data and interested for INSAR application please consider ordering L1 SLC data.and not L0 (RAW).

How can I apply precise orbit information for ENVISAT ASAR sensors for making interferrogram?

The toolbox takes care of this automatically, so Radar (menu) --> Apply Orbit File, and then from the processing parameters you need to select either “DORIS Precise VOR” either “Delft Precise”. Please have a look to the relevant tutorials @

Thank you very much.

Can I make Line of sight (LOS) maps using this software?

The displacement maps generated by any InSAR software represent initially measurements along the LOS. You may combine ascending and descending observation to resolve the vertical and E-W components.