Interferogram looks like a noise

I analyse ground deformations within mining areas. Using computer which parameters I listed above I have already processed a lot of Sentinel-1 images of studied region and I have obtained good interferograms. However, during processing S-1 images that were acquired in June 2016 I met a lot of problems. The most important one concerns obtained results. The whole interferogram looks like noise (see attached figure). What can be the reason of such results? I have processed the same pair of S-1 images three times and I always obtained the same results.

Processing chain: (Import SAR Sensors Sentinel 1 -> S1 TOPS Coregistration (IW1, bursts: 1-9) -> Interferogram formation -> Deburst )

I have a similar problem. Do you find why that happening?
Thanks a lot!

It all depends on how good both images are correlated.

  • Was the coregistration correct? Check if both images are correctly aligned with an RGB image
  • Do you have sufficient coherence in your area of interest?
  • Is the temporal difference small enough?
  • Is the perpendicular baseline suitable?

Hello ABraun and thank you for your reply!

The coregistration was successful, I check it with the RGB image.
My temporal difference 132 days, and my perpedicular baseline 69m

still, temporal decorrelation remains as one possible error source. 132 days is quite long, especially over vegetated areas.
Did you have a look at the coherence? It should be at least 0.3 in the regions you are interested in and be composted of larger, connected areas.

The area of interest is big, so the coherence is not good. Thank you for your help and for learning me to check my coregistration!!!