Interferometry Strip Map

Hello! Processing radar images in Strip Map mode, the same steps as in the IW?

  1. Coregistration
  2. Interferogram Formation
  3. Topo Phase Removal
  4. Goldstein Filtering
  5. Snaphu Export
  6. Unwrapped Phase
  7. Snaphu Import
  8. Displacement Phase
  9. Terrain Correction
    It is right?

Coregistration for S1 products is made at best with the S1 TOPSAR coregistrationb module. As a second step, debursting has to be performed after interferogram formation. The rest is the same.

That’s true, but the question is about stripmap which is not a TOPS-mode… I think the processing-chain looks correct provided that best orbits are used.

sorry, I completely mixed up the question. :upside_down:

All thanks a lot!

For the StritMap function, the Deburst does not need to be performed?

no, this only applies for Interferometric Wide Swath mode (IW)