Interferomety data

where can I download the sample datas for interferomatry. I want to process Napa earthquake tutorial.

you can get data via Scihub. Simple GUI to help you download your data.

Hi. I am having the same issue. I have attached a screenshot of the problem that shows there is no data to download and can you please let me know what I should do differently.


Napa Download.jp2 (779.3 KB)

Sorry wrong area. I did another search by expanding the area and have the end date to mid November 2014 and I did not receive any resultsNapa Valley.jp2 (575.9 KB)

If the data is no longer available, can you please choose another interferometry site. Thanks.

I’ve put the Napa Valley Stripmap SLC data for the tutorial here

Thank you so much. Greatly appreciated.