Invalid OpenJpeg executables

Hi all,
I just installed SNAP 5.0.4 on a 64Bit W7 company machine.
When trying to open a SENTINEL-2 product, I get this error “Invalid OpenJpeg executables”.
On the other hand I can open a single band (IMG_DATA) with no errorsand I can see it.
Any hint that comes on your mind?
Here below a couple of screenshots


it is strange, we use the same methods to check the openjpeg executables in the Sentinel-2 and JP2 reader…
Could you please check that the executables are working properly? For this, you have to navigate to the openjpeg executable folder ([userPath]/.snap/auxdata/openjpeg/5.0.4/openjpeg-2.1.0-win64/bin and execute the following commands:
opj_dump.exe -h
opj_decompress -h

You could also try to remove the openjpeg folder, it will be created automatically again when you restart SNAP.

hi Omar,
thanks for your answer. I tried whatyou suggested and I found out that Company policies prevent to run executable placed in the user folders. I installed the SNAP on a free PC and it works fine.
thank you very much!