Invalid S2 Source Product - S2Resample in Graph

Hi everyone, new SNAP user here.

I’m using 6.0.2 to try and bulk process L1C from Sentinel 2A and B. I am experiencing strange behaviour with the graph builder. My graph is pretty standard, something like this: Read > S2Resampling > Subset > Idepix.Sentinel2 > Write.

On some of my products (I think both S2A and S2B, but always L1C) the graph won’t initiate because of Error: [NodeId: S2Resampling] Invalid S2 Source Product

I am unsure how to debug this error because the scenes are otherwise fine in SNAP and I can process all of the steps outside the Graph Tool without experiencing the error. Any ideas? SNAP is fully updated and all of the granules were downloaded from API-Hub.

Thank you!

Hi, @uk_sentinel_user,

If I am not wrong, this dedicated S2 resampling operator is not fully supported by the graph builder in SNAP yet. However, you can create your graph, make sure all the parameters are fine in the xml file and run it via GPT