Is batch processing of Sentinel-2 data to LAI and FVC possible?

Hello, I am trying to process ~ 400 tiles for LAI and FVC resampled at 10 m resolution. I can do it one by one, and takes ~ 1-4 hours for tiles with compete data. Is this typical processing time, and is there any way to batch process so that I do not have to manually click for the processing steps ~ 400 times?

Thank you


You can use graphs and batch processing to automate the process. And you can even run it on a remove device if you want to.

  1. Create a graph of the steps that you perform on a single product. Make sure you save the graph.
  2. Open the batch processing window
  3. Select which files you want to process.
  4. Click load graph and select the graph you created.
  5. Hit run, or run remote. The graph will be applied to all of the products.

The first part of this document walks you through batch processing:

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Thank you so much! This looks like exactly what i should be doing! Very helpful!

You’re welcome. I just learned about SNAP a month ago, so I know how confusing it can be at times.