Is sentinel toolbox free software, or I need a key to use it?

I am new here, use sarscape most of the time, wondering if sentinel is available for everyone?

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happy that you go to the open source side of the force :smile:

Snap is totaly free, you just need to go in download area give your email and you will recieve the link to download snap.

Already in beta but it work very well…only some memory problem sometimes on computer with less than 8Go of ram on somme big dataset.


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The software is free to use, modify, redistribute under the open source GNU General Public License. See here.
The source code is available on github for all to enhance and improve.

The Sentinel data is also free to download, use, reuse without restrictions. See here.

With everything available to more researchers, students and industry, we should see more innovations. Please remember to contribute back how ever you can by posting your experiences with the software and data to allow others to learn from all of us.


@daisy you have used the SARscape and SNAP both? please give me your views which one is best in what aspects

@vishal.iitr I prefer SARscape, based on SARscape has stable modules and user friendly.

Other say this when comparing SNAP and SARscape:

just curious, the products produced by the snap algorithms can be used for business and commercial use?

Yes, you are free to use it for commercial applications. You can even read and modify the code on GitHub.

If you publish data you should just cite the source of the data like:
“Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2015, processed by ESA.”

And it would be nice if you give credits to SNAP. See the FAQ entry.

Thanks for the reply. I saw that the github code license is GNU General Public License v3.0, and thought it could not be related to commercial use… maybe I have some misunderstanding about this license

GPL is about the source code and the software. The processed output can freely be used.