Is this normal on snap installation?

I would like to install Snap software with all toolbox. When I running my installation file I got the following window with options about which toolbox to be installed.


Why I cannot check the Sentinel-1 Toolbox?
I am on a Linux OS, Ubuntu 18.04.
I have tried also on Windows: I got back the same.

Many thanks for your support.


I think this means that you cannot uncheck it, so it is part of every installation.

Edit: Marco is right, Radarsat-2 requires S1TBX.

So Could you please confirm the Sentinel-1 toolbox will be installed?

You can uninstall S1TBX as soon you have unchecked Radarsat-2 Toolbox.
Radarsat-2 Toolbox needs S1TBX. That’s why you can’t uncheck it.

Yes, everything will be installed with the options shown in the image.
And if not, you can install any toolbox also at a later point in time.

Many thanks for your reply.
After the installation Snap installs several plugins, many from Sentinel-1 Toolbox.
I weren’t sure S1TBX installation is complete since the beginning.

These are updates for the installatioin which contain mainly error corrections.
Installed is only the major version 7.0. Afterwards the updates are loaded.

Many thanks for your clarifications!