Issue with AATSR 4th repro

AATSR L1B SAFE format reader looks fab - big thanks to Thomas!

Can only see one tiny quibble at the moment: not sure why the following masks would be under a folder called ‘met’. Seems they should be with other exception/confidence flags. (pic attached)

Also, like SLSTR, the x_/y_ are divided into x_in_lsb and x_in_msb etc due to format. Is there any way to amalgamate these or any advice for seeing the numbers via SNAP? (They can be seen in Hdfview if needed)!


Ciao Marco,
Thanks for the reply on x_ & y_. I was just wondering why we are different on format from SLSTR, but since SLSTR generates short scenes, it doesn’t need such large numbers in the y_ direction. Tricky!

Hi Marco,
I’m looking at the tie-point display for AATSR SAFE-format, example is sat_zenith_to from Once expanded, the symmetry about the central ground track has been lost. Headers have track_offset = 19 in tie, and 256 in full-resolution. We believe those columns need to be ‘pinned’ to each other in order to obtain a correspondence. Is our assumption wrong? Have they been pinned from the first column? (I already know Thomas was a bit frustrated by our format, so apologies in advance.)

See comparison in pic: top is opened via manifest, bottom is opened independently (same colour scale).


Ciao Marco,
Re: AATSR SAFE format, the tie point variables sat_path and solar_path don’t seem to be showing sensible values. They are distance from surface to satellite and sun in metres. See pic (left via manifest, right opening netcdf file), with colour scale. Thanks :slight_smile:


I just introduced a new thread for this discussion.
We will have a look at your reports, Pauline.

Now visible! - thanks, Marco.