Issue with SNAP4.0 in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Hi there,

My computer runs Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS on a 2To drive. However I also have 3 other fixed drives that are always detected and automatically mounted by Ubuntu.

I found out that I cannot open a product that is located in one of the 3 ‘mounted’ drives from SNAP4 because these drives don’t appear in the folder/file browser.

This is annoying and happens only with SNAP and no other program. I hope SNAP’s developers would find out a solution to this problem.

Meanwhile I have found an ugly temporary solution that works: I create a link to each of the 3 ‘invisible’ drives in the the main drive where Ubuntu is installed. When I need to open a sentinel product in these drives, I navigate from SNAP to the relevant link and click it. This allows me to navigate further to the required sentinel product and open it.

I hope SNAP developers shall find a permanent and more elegant solution to this issue. I hope also that the above-mentioned temporary solution shall be of use to other users using SNAP with Ubuntu.

I have filed an issue for this problem ( SNAP-530 ) .
Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for responding and acting on this post.