Issues/Observations/Comments of SNAP 6.0 Beta


Dear all,
as @Sharon, I had a problem with StaMPS export with Preview 5.
In particular, it is impossible to export the elaboration because appears the message “org.esa.snap.core.gpf.OperatorException”.
I realized that the export starts, but the process stops when Snap create the “/dem” folder.
This is a big problem, because without “/dem” it is impossible starts time series analysis with StaMPS.
This issue did not appears with Preview 4.

PS: with regard to my problems with tile evenly, they are solved with Preview 5.


Hi, guys. Now I wonder whether this new SNAP 6.0 Beta Version can do SBAS-InSar or not? Thanks.
Best wishes.:grin:


SNAP should be suitable for doing pre-processing while SBAS can be performed using external tools. We are looking into supporting import/export to PyRate, but that will not be in place for 6.0.


Dear @LaSpaias,

I finally installed iCOR on SNAP version 5 and it worked.
Hope the release working on SNAP 6 will come soon.



Dear all,
I had the same problem found by @Sharon with the time of elaboration using graph, both with preview 4 and 5. Do you have suggestions?


Dear Mendahl,
Am I right that you are not going to support import/export to SBAS StaMPS in future versions but you are switching to PyRate? So it will be possible to do PS processing with StaMPS and SBAS processing not with StaMPS but with PyRate?
Thank you for your time,


As far as I know StaMPS does not do SBAS, which is why we are looking for other open source solutions for SBAS. We would like to support PyRate but there has not been much progress on this front so far.


Dear Mendahl,
Thank you very much for your quick answer. Actually StaMPS do a kind of SBAS processing (page 22 of the manual StaMPS/MTI (version 3.3b1 which sometimes is really helpful in rural areas where S-1 images have bad coherence. This StaMPS SBAS makes it possible to use for PS selection only ifgs with small temporal baselines. It seems that if it appears possible to export ifgs from SNAP to StaMPS SBAS it would be really very useful.
Thank you for your time and help,