Iw SLC cover area

Hi All,
i am trying to create an interferogram and DEM with the use of two IW SLC products for the area of Western Crete - Greece. However it seems that the second IW SLC image (track 109) does not cover the far western area of Crete (although it should cover it as shown in Sentinel 1 data Hub). Actually the cover area (IW1, IW2, IW3) is smaller than the area specified in Sentinel 1 Data Hub. Any suggestions?
Can i use the GRDH product (without phase info???) to develop my products?
Any suggestions will be more than welcomed!

You always need phase to do InSAR therefor always use SLC products. It
absolutely cannot be done with GRD!!!

I don’t think the area selection on SciHub is precise. It gives you
products around that area. Unfortunately, the web interface does not give
you the option to search by track. You could make your area selection a
little larger to make sure you get all products in the area, download them
and then in the toolbox select products with the same track.

Unfortunately it seems that there is only one SLC image (track 102) covering the far western part of Crete, making the development of a DEM and interferogram impossible. Any suggestions are welcomed.

You’ll need to wait for more data from track 102. The images in an InSAR-pair always need to be from the same track.