Java heap Error

What is java Heap error in SNAP and how to resolve this error?

I am getting an error on Applying Orbit in SLC data… How to Relosve it?

Do you know that this forum has a search functionality?

The error indicates that you don’t have enough memory to perform the operation you want.
Depending on what you use, Desktop or gpt, you need to change the settings.
Please have a look at the search results. It is explained several times.

Thanks for your help… And can you help me out with the second topic that I have posted.

If you mean “Applying Orbit in SLC”. I have to say I can’t help. I’m not a radar expert.
But again I would suggest that you search for it. Also several discussions are ongoing. It would also be helpful if you tell what kind of error you experience and what you did before.
If you don’t find an answer it would be better to post this in a separate thread. People having knowledge about it, might not look into a thread named ‘Java heap Error’.

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