java.lang.NegativeArraySize in Backgeocoding with external DEM

Dear Snap developers,

I recently have an error in SNAP in the back geocoding step. Using a recent high resolution DEM in Geotiff format, I have the following issue : java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException.

The only ticketed issue related this issue is related to a view export of Sentinel-2."java.lang.NegativeArraySize"%20order%20by%20created%20DESC

Note : my DEM is “kind of” heavy -> 30.8 Go. It is a high resolution DEM (8x8meter) of an area more or less the size of belgium.

Do you have any solution for this ?

Thanks in advance


It could be related to the size of it. Have you tried creating a subset and seeing that it has no problem working with smaller tiles?

Unfortunately, I need the whole coverage. But I tried at coarser resolution (4.3Go) and it worked perfectly fine

You should be able to still get the whole coverage at full resolution. You just may need to break things down into smaller tiles and finally put them back together.

It is not useful to have a DEM with a pixel-spacing finer than target pixel-spacing, so you could save some by downsampling the DEM

That’s true. If I break down The DEM for each subswath. It works. It also means that my DEM is relative orbit- dependent. It works but not very convenient.

It’s finer only in azimuth direction (and not even a factor of 2). But yes I could coarse a bit the spacial sampling

So no solution in the horizon ? Still thank you very much for you replies