L2A 10m product - elevation profil artefacts

Hi there,

I have processed Level 2A data successfully I guess (thanks again to the workaround!!) but in the end the result for the 10m resolution looks like the there is an elevation profil underneath…

I edit the L2A_Table script with the workaround and I also changed the L2A_GIPP for the cirrus and terrain correction. I removed the last step, hoping that the artefacts will be removed as well. But the result stays the same. The other results (20/60m) are not affected.

Does anyone have a suggestion why there are these artefacts in the 10m resolution image?


Hi LineBaum,

The issue probably comes from the DTM. I have observed this kind of problem with a DTM with a quantification value of 1m for instance. At each leap of one quantisation step, the DTM shows a larger slope, which is visible on the image after slope correction. I do not know which DTM you used, but it does not seem properly quantified. If it is automatically computed by SEN2COR, then there is probably something to be enhanced there.

Hi Oliver,

thanks for your reply. Do you know, if there is a possibility to change the settings for the DTM usage? Or is it not possible in your opinion, when I use sen2cor tool via command line?
Thanks in advance!


Sorry Caroline,
I do not know SEN2COR that well.
Can one of the developers answer ?