L2A products above France processed with MACCS available at Theia

Dear Sentinel-2 users,

We (CNES/CESBIO) are very happy to share our first production of Sentinel-2 Level 2A data processed with MACCS and MUSCATE, within CNES computing centre. This first data set includes all Sentinel-2 data acquired over France between December 2015 and first week of October 2016. Belgium and Luxemburg are also nearly fully included, as well as small parts of Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, and England. This data set will be soon followed by the processing of a much larger data set, covering 5M square km around the world, in near real time.

Data are corrected from adjacency effect and are provided with or without terrain correction. They are provided with a good cloud and shadow mask. This production is not a final one, some limitations and a few bugs have been observed which are listed here. A first reprocessing will happen in November.

To access the data : https://theia.cnes.fr/atdistrib/rocket. You just need to register (for free). We are lacking now a programmatic download tool, but are working at it. Meanwhile, you still can add the products to the cart and download them at once.

For more information : http://www.cesbio.ups-tlse.fr/multitemp/?p=8547http://www.cesbio.ups-tlse.fr/multitemp/?p=6203

Feedback is welcome !