L3 Binning unable to process

I am trying to process some composites of S3 data over Europe when the following error is occuring

ExecutionException: org.esa.snap.core.gpf.OperatorException: latBand.getProduct().getSceneRasterWidth() < 2 || latBand.getProduct().getSceneRasterHeight() < 2

When I open the product which is causing the error in the log file (S3A_OL_2_LFR____20171109T064710_20171109T065010_20180723T193911_0179_024_177_2160_LR2_R_NT_002.SEN3) it opens without any issues. Additionally, the latitude band has a resolution of 4865 x 4091 the same as the other bands in the product and the same as found in other scenes that
are not causing an exception.

I am running into the same issue on a number of composites that I am producing
Do you know how I can work around this issue?

messages.log (300.5 KB)

@marpet Am I able to get any help with this?

The problem here is that the particular product overlaps with only a few pixels with your region of interest. The implementation which provides the geoinformation for the product needs a bigger area.
So I would suggest excluding this product from the binning as it does not provide many pixels anyway.

However, this is an issue in SNAP and should be handled better.
I’ve noted this: https://senbox.atlassian.net/browse/SNAP-1151

Dear Marco,

Do you know if there any planned fixes on this issue?

Best wishes,

Hello Harry,

Yes, there are plans, but not in the short term. So not yet for the upcoming version. More likely in the second half of the year.