L3 processor

L3 processor for temporal synthesis exists;

I am really interested.

(Also, since 19th of May images for Greece in Sentinels Scientific data hub are missing. Anybody knows anything;) :relaxed:

There will be soon a L3 processor integrated in the SEN2AGRI system, which will be released as an open source software. I was in charge of defining the method. We produce monthly syntheses based on a weighted average of cloud free pixels.

Sen2Agri system development is nearly achieved. It is now being validated.
The release will be announced on http://www.esa-sen2agri.org/SitePages/Home.aspx

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Thank you !!! :smiley: :innocent::heart_eyes:

Great news!!!

It will be awesome to use multitemporal data in order to make cloud-free sentinel 2 images!!!

Hi Rea,
the Sen2AGri just produced its first monthly cloud free syntheses. a few examples are shown here : http://www.cesbio.ups-tlse.fr/multitemp/?p=7953

The Sen2Agri system is in its pre-operational phase. We still need several weeks of work to release the package.

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