Landsat 5 TM Mosaic Not Displaying

I am having a problem getting my Landsat 5 TM mosaic display an image. Here is an example of band 3 of the 1997108_mosaic failing to display an image. Notice how there is no data in the color manipulation:

I have successfully displayed other mosaics of the same path/row (different dates) using the same simple mosaicing workflow. Since all bands are of same resolution, I have had success with and without resampling. Here is another band 3 example, but this one displays. This is from 1997092_mosaic:

The 1997108_mosaic.dim file is around 14.3K, so it is saving something. The files used to make the 1997108_mosaic does display data leading me to believe my data is not corrupt. My ultimate goal is to make band 5, 4, 3 RGB mosaic. I have attached both .dim files used in the image attachments. Anyone have any advice? Thank you in advance!

1997092_mosaic.dim (14.4 KB)
1997108_mosaic.dim (14.4 KB)

A folder with actual raster data belongs to each dim-file. While the dim-file only contains metadata, the images are stored in the folder with the same name and the ending *.data.
Sharing the dim-files alone makes little sense.

Can you increase the region of your mosaic a bit? I’ve noticed that this sometimes help.