Landsat-8 C2RCC in SNAP

Hello, sorry I’m really new to C2RCC. I tried directly processing a Landsat-8 image in SNAP v.8, then it resulted to this:

I don’t know what to do. Should I convert it to radiance first? If yes, what band should I use? These processing parameters are required and I can’t find what to put here: image

I have processed a L8 downloaded from USGS (LC08_L1TP_022031_20200916_20200916_01_RT) without any problem.
If you import the image in SNAP, you have to open the *_MTL.txt file.
Maybe your scene is corrupted? Have you tried with any other?

I’ll try to download another scene, but I can open the RGB image, this only happens after I use the C2RCC processor.

Anyway, thank you!

I think the problem is the reprojection. Please try to run C2RCC before reprojection, you could always do it as the final step.


Thank you!