Landsat 8 - coregistration problem

Hi, I’m asking for a help in solving one problem.
I own some satellite image scenes involving the same area. Images are from different years. Photos were made with a Landsat 8 satellite. Each of them has other path and row. I need to use coregistration tool, so that every photo will be set in the same place of satellite. I want to calculate the velocity of some phenomenom.

Which tools should I use and how exactly?
I only know there is a tool named GeFolki. I tried this tool, but it doesn’t work. How I can configurate this?

8 satellite image scenes Landsat 8, Band 8. Resolution panchromatic 15 m

Thanks for help

Did you have a look at the collocation tool?
You could use it to have all 8 bands in one product at the end. The geolocation would be used to match the position. I’m not sure if this is accurate enough for your use case.

Regarding GeFolki, I think @kraftek or @oana_hogoiu can help you.

Regarding GeFolki, you should try it first on smaller subsets of your image.
Can you specify the error you receive?

Yes! I tried to do it in smaller images and it worked!