Landsat 8 radiometric calibration & FLAASH atmospheric correction in SNAP

Hi everybody! Im procissing Lansat 8 tiffs. In ENVI i have two powerfull algorithms: Radiometric Calibration and FLAASH Atmospheric Correction. But as i know ENVI is commercial soft, and i cant use it. Is there any of this algorithms in SNAP? Or may be some analogs? Thanks

sen2cor helps you to calculate Bottom-of-Atmosphere (BOA) reflectance data out of L1C data. So this is basically calibrated and atmospherically corrected.

Does sen2cor accpet Landsat 8 products? I thought no. Do i need product conversation?

sorry, I completely overread that you arre using Landsat 8 data…

If you just want to radiometrically calibrate them (radiance to reflectance) you can use the Semi Automatic Classification plugin in QGIS. You just define the folder of your files and the MTL file and the plugin does the rest for you. It doesn’t remove clouds or anything though.

Thanks for advise! Ill go and check if that what im looking for.

If you are interested in AC over water you can try the one included in the C2RCC. It is included in SNAP 6 BETA version (

There is also iCOR. An AC for Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8.

You will need to follow the manual for the installation instructions.

There is also ACOLITE. This tool is not related to SNAP. It does the AC also only over water.

Finally, you can get already surface reflectances from USGS ( But these products are not yet supported in SNAP.