Latest SNAP update - should I now reprocess my images?

Hello Marco @marpet -

I noticed a new update of SNAP - thanks!.

I think it would be useful if along with the alerts in SNAP on availability of new updates, information on the affected products or functions is also provided.

For example, I would like to know whether I should now reprocess some of my datasets again with the latest version of SNAP. Can you please advice.

Thanks Sanjay.

I don’t know what you are processing, so I can’t tell if you need to reprocess.
As long as you haven’t noticed problems I think there is no need to reprocess.

But you are right. It would be good if we expose the changes more to the public.
However, if you like to see the what has changed you can look at our issue tracker.
If you follow the link you see the issues which have been resolved since the major release on January 15th.
Jira Issues resolved since 6.0 release

Marco - Thanks for the confirmation.

My GRDH processing is quite simple really but it does touch some common functions -
apply restituted orbit file > remove border noise > remove thermal noise > calibration > speckle filter > terrain correction.

Based on my experience, some issues with S1 (or any other RS data really) are not always obvious because the processed values are within some nominal range., unless you check each image. I guess you guys get informed of issues others have found and so subsequently release fixes for that. Therefore as much information on impacts of the fixes will be really also useful.

Also, perhaps you could consider adding alerts from ESA on the quality issues they have found.