Launching Polsarpro

How is PolSARpro linked to SNAP?
I tried to launch polsarpro (latest version installed and working on my PC) from SNAP but it says: “Unable to launch polsarpro: cannot run program, Create Process error=2.”
Is it possible to give PolSARpro file’s path to SNAP, I mean by hand?

Hi, there is no direct link between PolSARpro and SNAP. I don’t know in which format PolSARpro is generating its files. So I can’t say if these files can be opened by SNAP. If it is a general format like NetCDF or GeoTIFF it should be possible.


The launch PolSARPro action in S1TBX isn’t all that useful if you can run PolSARPro on your own. More useful is the PolSARPro reader and writer so that you can exchange data between the two software.