Level 1C Sentinel 2a

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I have been given some Level 1C Sentinel 2a data to work with. I have been asked to do any radiometric corrections i think would benefit the data however, my understanding is that level 1A data is where the radiometric corrections take place and not at 1C. Could anyone enlighten me please?

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I don’t want to give the game away :slight_smile: but you can improve (correct) L1C data from TOA (Top Of Atmosphere) to BOA (Bottom Of Atmosphere) by processing from L1C to L2A using Sen2Cor.



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Hi @Jan
I’m working on Sentinel-2 data for crop classification is there any need to correct level 1c product radiometrically and geometrically prior to classification ??


Hey @Jan does the data from L1C need to be in a particular format to be able to run the Sen2Cor script on it? I can get it in GeoTIFF only.

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Hello @Pompey21 Marko

Sen2Cor uses the L1C SAFE Format products only. These are freely available form various sources, including https://scihub.copernicus.eu/



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@Jan thanks! I got the data I needed, now I just need to convert it!