Level 3 Binning Average

I am trying to produce some composite images of OTCI.

On the Level-3 binning tool on the parameters the options i am given are AVG, MIN_MAX, ON_MAX_SET or PERCENTILE.

However when I select the AVG as the aggregator the tool is instead outputting the sum of the tiles which is not what I am wanting to achieve. As can be seen in the below image the target band is outputted as OTCI_sum not OTCI_mean as a colleague of mine experienced.

Is there something that I am not setting up properly on the configuration? I have also attached the output parameters as seen in the xml file, I’ve noticed that there is nothing between the headers.

Apologies, I think I have found a solution to this issue. If I untick the outputCounts and outputSums boxes in the edit Aggregator options the target bands change to OTCI_mean and OTCI_sigma.

I don’t know if this is just an error in the process or if those two boxes are meant to change the function from the mean to the sum, if so apologies for raising this issue.

Regards, Harry

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