level-3 binning function not active when reinstalling v 8.0

Hi, when re-installing snap v.8.0 the Raster / Geometric Operations / Level-3 Binning function are not included anymore. How do I activate it?

Maybe there has been something going wrong with the installation. Did you already installed the updates? This causess also sometimes errors when the download of some module didn’t work correctly.
IF you haven’t updated, it could bring back the missing binning. If this doesn’t help, please reinstall again and ensure that all data is deleted. Remeber to backup data from the ‘.snap’ directory, if you have stored something there, e.g. color-palettes or the like.
See here:

Hi and thanks for your reply,
I had deleted the previous version before installing it again but not all SNAP user data, I made a new try, which did not work.
Should I try to download and install the modules manually?

Downloading the modules manually should be the last resort.

Can you attache the log file?
SNAP FAQs - How to find the log files?

sure, it is here
messages.log (87.6 KB)