Level-3 Binning with gpt.command

Dear Macro,

I would like to get the average value of several Landsat 8 chlora products at same region with the Level-3 Binning tool, however the GUI showed the error:/Users/zhigang/Desktop/SateliteData/LC08_119038_2013_mean_chlora.nc
The LC08_119038_2013_mean_chlora.nc is the outfile.

Then, I wanna try the command to call the gpt.command in MacOS to make the binning, however, the same error occurs.

gpt.command l3cfg.xml

The xml was attached, and could you give me a template of Level-3 binning or some suggestions?

Best Regards,
l3cfg.xml (1.5 KB)

Outfile with .dim works. :thinking::thinking:

Maybe it will help if you specify the output format too. But actually it should be detected automatically by the file extension.

Either add




NetCDF4-BEAM should give better experience if you further work in SNAP with the data, because special SNAP inforamtion is retained.