Limited number of classes: Import Vector SHP

I have 10 classes of land use in SHP (polygons made in ArcMap) that are imported into SNAP in a pack of amotras.shp. When importing this file, the sequence of classes changed, that is, it changes the order in the attributes table. This is causing me problems in the evaluations after the classification.
I noticed that when inserting a set of 9 classes, the position or order did not change. When inserting 10 classes, the last class of the attribute table goes to position 2 in the order of the vectors.
So, is there a limited number of classes?

Thank you.

This is just a guess, but what I think is happening is that FID 0 is converted into FID 1 in SNAP, and Eucalipto is class 10 and it follows the second position after 1. Maybe one of the programmers can explain this better. I would suggest that you use a two digit FID (01, 02, 03…) and see if that keeps the order.