Links used by SNAP Toolbox

Hi all,
We utilise a proxy here in the office to access the internet. I have been running into intermittent issues with getting DTM’s and Orbit files along with being able to download updates for SNAPS.

I have been asked to compile a list of Links used by SNAP Toolbox in order to have our ITC whitelist them.
Is there somewhere I can go to get a comprehensive list of links used by snaps?
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There is no complete list of URLs accessed by SNAP.
But you can find already several in the file located in the etc folder of the installation directory.
But also URLs like might be accessed. I don’t know how stable this is. It is used by a library.
I think with these URLs you get already quite far.

Hi all,
When I use Principle component analysis in SNAP, the result is including components (PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4) and some files such as error, response and flag. What do they mean ? When I analyse PCA in Envi, there is no files like this. Anyone can explain?
Thank you.

Why are you posting this question in a thread called “Links used by SNAP Toolbox”?

Oh, I think the topic comments on SNAP
I am so sorry
I will post it in SNAP