Linux Installation - Unable to load graph

Hello everyone,

Using LinuxMint 18.3, I wanted to install SNAP on my computer. I downloaded the “” and run it in my terminal.

When I open SNAP, i first have the error message :
“Unable to install colour palettes”

But most important, I cannot use some functions, for example “S1-TOPS Coregistration”. The error message is always the same :
“Unable to load graph /home/qg/.snap/graphs/internal/sentinel1/Sentinel1-TOPS-Coregistration.xml”.

I tried to find if the problem had already been discussed but it doesn’t seem it is the case.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Ok sorry for the quick answer but i fugured out what was the problem by asking the question…

SNAP is installed directly in my “File System” which is protected in reading and writing. To counter act the problem I typed the command

“sudo chmod -R a+rwX /home/qg/.snap/system” so the software can be launched.

To use the program properly, you should instead write

“sudo chmod -R a+rwX /home/qg/.snap”

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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