Loss of data after subset in Sentinel 2A images

I have a Sentinel 2A imagery. I used sen2cor to perform atmospheric correction on the imagery. Since the image was large, I decided to work on the subset of the image. However, in the subset of the image, there seem to have considerable loss of data from the original image and appearance of white noisy pixels. Please help. Thank you. I have attached the subset of the image below:

I’ve never seen a loss of pixels when doing a subset.
Could you describe what you did in a bit more detail?
For example, you need to resample the data before doing a subset. How have you done this?
And can you show the original image, before the subset, please?

Yes. I performed resampling on the data. I did it by using the resampling option in Raster->Geometric Operations. I resampled all the data at 20 m resolution.

The snapshot of original data before subset is shown below:

Can you also provide the name of the product. Then we can try to replicate the issue.

The name of the product is:


Hi @ShivamP1993,

I am downloading the image to try to reproduce the error. Please, could you tell me what is the processing you are doing exactly? I think your first step is sen2cor (what resolution?) and after that resampling at 20 meters resolution and finally subset, is it?