Mandatory installation for polsarpro in linux

Does all (below mentioned) installations are mandatory for PolSARpro-v6.0

  1. libtk-img iwidgets4 bwidget
  2. gcc g++ build-essential libglew-dev
  3. freeglut3-dev libfreeimage-dev
  4. gimp gnuplot googleearth imagemagick snap

May I can proceed without any one of the above…!
(like google-earth)

I found that all the above four are mandatory for PolSARpro_v6.0_Biomass_Edition_Linux


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if it is Unable to locate package googleearth even after you installed google-earth…

The installed google-earth package may titled as google-earth-pro-stable

Rename installed “google-earth-pro-stable” package as googleearth or
try with sudo apt-get install gimp gnuplot google-earth image magick snap

You don’t need to rename the package; you can link google-earth-pro-stable to PolSARpro even with its original name (you have to indicate the path and filename).
Also, linking to Google Earth and to some other software (SNAP, gimp, pdf reader, etc) is not mandatory.