Mask area of an interferogram

Good morning,
I am working on Taiwan and the east part of my interferogram is covered with dense vegentation so the coherence is really low (see attached) and the data are disturbing my modelling. I would like to mask out the east side, I tried with a coherence mask but it is not enough and I don’t manage to create a polygon on the area to mask it. Is there a way to remove some part of the interferogram ?



Did you try to use band math? An expresion like if coherence<0.5 then NaN else coherence should work


I obtained this interferogram thanks to the bandmaths: If coh < 0.2 then NaN else Unwrapped_phase.
the thing is that I only want to remove the small column on the east side that correspond to the vegetation

Although it is not an operational solution I would:

  • export the interferogram to QGIS as GeoTIFF
  • create a shp to delineate the area you want to delete
  • clip the raster using that shapefile

You could also import the shp to SNAP and mask the area using the Land/Sea mask operator but if you are already in QGIS I think it is easier.


Thank you I will try this.

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