Mask manager for S3 oblique data

If I have an oblique SLSTR image open in snap and go to use the mask manager, the only masks that appear in the widget are those related to the nadir grid. Why don’t the oblique masks appear?

If you have opened an oblique band the oblique masks should be shown. For a nadir band the nadir masks should be shown.

If I have an oblique band open, then the names of all the possible masks in the mask manager are all referenced by the nadir grid name. Is it just that the names of the masks are incorrectly labelled with the nadir grid? I still don’t think that if I plot one of the masks on an oblique image, it is plotting the oblique mask. I have attached a screen shot of what I get when using mask manager with an oblique image open.

Caroline, there was a bug that affected the 1km- and 500m-resolution readers. In products read with those readers, nadir and oblique view masks should be available. The fix for the bug will be included in the next update. This issue should not occur when you open the product with the native resolutions-reader.