Matching In-Situ Measurement with Sentinel Data

Hi there!

I’m working on my thesis and was trying to do match-ups between a physical measurement and sentinel data. I have the coordinates and time the measurements were taken but doing it 1 by 1 becomes challenging.

A similar thing exists for SeaBass and SeaDAS (Satellite Validation Match-Up Tools (Portable) - SeaBASS)

The closes thing I’ve found is this: GitHub - flaviostutz/sentinelloader: Sentinel-2 satellite tiles images downloader from Copernicus. Minimizes data download and combines multiple tiles to return a single area of interest.

Is there something builtin in SNAP for this or at least a “bulk” approach to download from copernicus?


You can use the Pixel Extraction Tool.
It is located in the menu at Raster / Export / Extract Pixel Values.

You can do it on a bunch of products from the GUI. It can also be invoked from the command line vie GPT.