MERIS FUB/WeW water processor

There are some questions regarding MERIS FUB/WeW water processor:-

  1. To confirm: Is " Th, Schroeder, M. Schaale & J. Fischer (2007) Retrieval of Atmospheric and oceanic properties from MERIS measurements: A new case#2 water processor for BEAM " the scientific documentation for the above algorithm?

  2. Does the algorithm follow the same atmospheric correction as that of Case-2 regional processor, if no can you please provide the link about the atmospheric correction scientific documentation?

  3. Is it possible to obtain the absorption values for this algorithm instead of the concentration values for pigment and suspended sediment along with backscatter values?

  4. Will it be possible to apply the “Ruddicks (2000)” atmospherically corrected reflectance value in the algorithm instead of its own atmospherically corrected reflectance product?

  1. Yes this Paper is correct.
  2. No, the AC is different. The above mentioned Paper should explain the AC.
  3. No, you have only the options which are described in the help. Other outputs are not computed.
  4. No, the AC is always done by the processor.

Thanks Marco