metadata schema for a single TOPS burst

Is there a metadata schema for representing all the metadata information needed to represent a single TOPS burst that is supported by SNAP. I’m looking for support for two operations - InSAR and RTC (with thermal noise correction). Essentially, an equivalent of but with some additional metadata like the noise vectors and sigma0 LUT.

  1. After some experimentation, it looks like BEAM-DIMAP might be the only option available that can carry over all the necessary information. Is this correct?
  2. Geotiff + XML seemed promising (easier to implement) but it did not carry over enough of SAR metadata for later processing. Is my interpretation correct?
  3. Is there a schema available that clearly labels what pieces of information are mandatory (for BEAM-DIMAP or other format). One can possibly reverse engineer this with “Read” + “TOPSAR-Split” + “Write” to BEAM-DIMAP. But if there is an authoritative reference - it would be helpful.
  4. In particular, what part of the “original_product_metadata” is mandatory, if one were to use this format?