Minimum cluster size

Hi, I’m trying to ectract Oil Spills on Sentinel-1 products without using the Oil Spill detection from SNAP (Why easy when it can be complicated).
In this function there is nevertheless a function I would be interested in which is the Minimum cluster size to keep out the small areas which are falsely considered as oil spills…
Is there a way to do it in SNAP?

So you want to know if the minimum cluster size operator is available in SNAP but outside the Oil Spill Detection module?
Your question is a bit confusing :wink:

Hey @ABraun,
the thing I want to do is to select only the big white parts in the image I sent and leaving the small dots which are only artefacts from the SAR image.
I don’t know if it is more understandable…

yes, thank you.

This function is not selectable in the GUI but you can access it via the graph processing tool

Thank you so much.
It doesn’t really work it dosen’t remove the dots, it’s exactly the same thing…

have you played with the value? maybe it is interpreted as degrees? just guessing.

I tried, but I will continue and let you know.

Is the input a binary raster with 0 and 1?
Any no data value applied in the band properties?