Missing projection parameters for Lambert Conformal Conic projections

I would like to reproject SAR data to a custom Lambert Conformal Conic (LCC) projection with 2 standard parallels. However, there is an issue with the projection parameters within the Ellipsoid Correction tool. Specifically, after selecting “Lambert Conformal Conic 2SP” as the desired coordinate reference system the Projection Parameters pop-up window doesn’t have a line allowing the user to define the latitude of the second standard parallel (“Standard Parallel 1” can be defined but there is no line to define a second standard parallel).

Note that the same issue exists for a LCC projection with 1 standard parallel - in this case the projection parameters window does not allow the user to define a standard parallel. This issue also exists with the generic Raster | Geometric Options | Reprojection tool in SNAP.

I am running SNAP 2.0 installed on a windows 7 PC (64-bit).

Thanks for reporting this.
It seems that the additional parallel is already missing in the GeoTools library we are using.
However we want to update to the latest version of GeoTools soon. So there is a chance that it is already fixed.
I’ve added a separate ticket for missing parameters issue.