Missing RGB bands when S2 image was imported into SNAP latest version

Hi everyone,
I am trying to create RGB image from S2 MS 2A level data acquired in October 2019 in the latest version of SNAP.
The product was successfully imported into SNAP, but the B2, B3 and B4 was missing in the bands (see the screenshot). Therefore, I am unable to create RGB image.

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it looks like that only the 20m and 60m bands were calculated during the generation of the L2A product.
Where is this data from?

Hi Braun,

The S2 image was acquired in October 14, 2019 in the west part of Azerbaijan.
Please, see the screenshot for the image location


I downloaded the data and it is complete for me.
How did you open it in SNAP?

File -> Open product -> in data folder, metadata file (XML) was chosen as indicated in screenshot.

please try
File > Import > Optical > Sentinel-2 > Level 2A

I used that method too. But the same bands were missing.
I have also downloaded the data again to ensure any missing object .


did you extract the zip file after downloading?

Yes, I extracted those and the data contains the following items:


when I extract the folder it is 1.05 GB large and has 131 files in 14 folders. Can you please check if it’s the same on your side?

I checked , the number of files is more in my data folder, 134 file in 14 folders.


are the bands missing in SNAP inside the GRANULE folder?

Those are in GRANULE folder, but missing when are imported into SNAP regardless of the importing method.

can you place the entire S2 folder to a location with a short path, e.g.
and import the product from there?

I am sorry that it takes so long to find solution.

As far as I understood you mean to include the directory address as following:

If yes, I checked it and the same problem again.

I actually meant that you copy the SAFE folder to a shorter directory. Problems have been reported in various cases with long path names.

Yes, I tested the shorter directory, but the same problem((
Interestingly, when the image acquired in 2017 was imported, all bands are visible in SNAP.

this problem appears only with the newer images.