MODIS Products Geographic Coordinate Problem

Hi, I have a problem with MODIS MYD11C3.006 Data, when I open this product, the coordinates doesn’t show in SNAP, while the ENVI shows the coordinates in WGS84
How can I fix this problem to show coordinates?

It seems that this one is one of those MODIS products which is not supported.
The list of supported MODIS products can be found in the help:

The data can be opened by a generic reader, but it does not consider the specifics of this MODIS product.

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Thanks for answering Mr. @marpet
I checked this table in the help menu. the SNAPtoolbox doesn’t support any kind of MODIS Land Surface Temperature data. while the LST is the major mission of Sentinel 3 SLSTR
Is it possible to support this type of data in the future?

This is surely possible, but currently it is not high on the priority list.
If there is more user demand for this data the priority will increase.

However, for now I’ve created a ticket:

Thanks for your sincere pursuit. we hope this will happen, I think it’s a huge gap for SNAP that can’t import completely LST products to analysis and test with SLSTR and other data.
I’m glad to work with you.