Module updates for S3TBX available

Dear all,

just a short note. Today we updated the modules of the S3TBX.
Things which have changed are listed on our JIRA issue tracker

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Dear all,
today we updated the modules of the S3TBX again. Now version 6.0.7 is the most recent.
There is only one change, but it makes working with Sentinel-3 SLSTR data more convenient and consistent. Till now you have been asked how you want to open the SLSTR product in SNAP desktop. You had the choice between the 500m resolution, the 1km resolution or the generic multi-resolution. Now always the multi-resolution is opened by default. If you still like to work with the specific resolution then you can go to the import menu and load the product with the respective resolution. Even more important is this change for those who work on the command line. It wasn’t deterministic which of the 3 types was used with a gpt call. So the results could be different with each call.

JIRA issue tracker