Mosaic of S1 A &S1B products

I have a problem doing mosaic using SNAP5, for S1A & S1B W1_SCL product , I did all the steps
download, regis, forma, beckgeo, debru, remov, filter ,export, unwrap, import andT correction. The fringes are separated,and I would like to join them to see the whole pattern. I did the mosaic but I get black area between the images.
any suggestions please.

Although I think I may confuse the nan values with the border noise thing, did you remove the border noise before mosaicing?

  1. Radar --> Sentinel 1 TOPS —> Remove GRD Border noise
  2. Also Radar --> Radiometric —> Thermal Noise removal

This might be also the nan values around your actual image. If there is a suggestion from another mate how to clear this using python I would be glad to know :slight_smile:

Thank you Pakoun.

but shall I run those after what I did in the processing . I mean after unwrapping and terrain correction.
because I tried without successful.

it works now, using calibration before Coregist…process.

Thanks Pakoun

You were faster than me typping :slight_smile: In any case do the noise removal before calibration. You are very welcome!

Thank you very much for your hep Pakoun.

Sorry, which products are you calibrating? The input SLC products?
I am seeing something similar when trying to mosaic coherence images using Geometric -> SAR mosaic. The output mosaic has triangular gaps, and one of the input coherence image is duplicated in different positions of the output mosaic, as in the screenshot in your opening post.