Mosaic of sentinal 2A and biophysical process

can anyone help me to moasic the sentinal 2A optical data and the proper step related to running of biophysical process?

I think, in terms of computing capacity, the best solution is to first derive the biophysical parameter for each scene and then mosaic the results.

sir its taking a lot of time to compute the biophysical parameters for each scene?
but can we moasic the output biophysical parameter later?

if you want to create a mosaic you are working on several scenes, right? That means you have to process the full scene anyway.
And these products are geocoded so mosaicing works on both multispectral images and derived parameters.

ok thank you sir

sir to perform biophysical parameter am following step
1.atmospheric correction using sen2cor
2.then running biophysical process
am i doing the write step to derive the parameters

yes, calibrating first makes sense :+1:

thank you sir

can you suggest me some paper realated to biophysical parameters

sir can you tell me what would be the best resampling resolution to run the biophysical parameters?
as diffrent band has diffrent resolution

as biophysical parameters are a continuum I recommend bilinear instead of nearest neighbour.

ok thanks
i have resampled the resolution to 10 meter for all band then i have run the process but now i have a confusion that shall i export the result so that i can use it in other GIS platform and about the mosaicing of diffrent scene

you can use the data directly in a GIS by opening the *img files in the data folder.

ok it means that if i dont mosaic the product in snap it dosen’t matter

depends on what you want to do with the data. You can as well mosaic it in a GIS.

ok thanks
can you suggest me some paper related to it, so that i can properly understand it and can derive some useful application

You still haven’t told us what you want to do with the data :slight_smile: Hard to suggest a reference then. What do you need the biophysical parameters for?

am working on a topic of forest so i need to calculate LAI , canopy water content, canopy chllorophy content

I can recommend Google Scholar:

thanks i will go through it