Mosaic the images

I have processed 4 images and calculated several vegetation indices from those images using graph builder and batch processing. Now I want to mosaic the same vegetation indices from 4 images. If I do it manually it will take a lot of time to mosaic 22 indices plus 9 bands, so do we have any automated process to do that, maybe using graph builder or something?

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Rajeev Bhattarai

Maybe not for all 4 images at once but you can at least automate the indices for each image.
You connect the band maths (once per index) to the input product in the graph builder and link it to the output product.
If all bands are named the same for each stack (and this is the case if you leave the band maths operators as they are), the mosaicing can be done in a final step.

I made a similar graph once and it worked fine:

I apologize if I am not getting you but I have already automated the process up to vegetation indices as output. I have all the vegetation indices I want by now , further, I want to mosaic for e.g. NDVI from 4 images so that I can work on it as a final index. Can you kindly me the procedure to mosaic in SNAP as well?
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did you try the Mosaic operator?

I got that just now. But this won’t automate our process I guess. Rather we have to open all four index images and mosaic one at once and repeat he same process over and over. Am I right??

Once you defined all input product in the “I/O Parameters”, you can add all rasters (indices) to the stack in the “Variables and Conditions” tab


Thank you. But I couldn’t get a full list of opened files in band chooser as shown in the image attached.


You first add all the products in the I/O tab. If the indices are named the same, these should appear in the band chooser.

All products added to the mosaicking processor should be of the same kind. Especially the band names should be the same.
The first in the list source products is used for filling the Band Chooser and for the expressions.
If you want to mosaic multiple indices you either mosaic them one by one and merge them afterwards if you want to have the results in one product. The other away around it is working too. Merge the single indices and then do the mosaic.